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There are many consultants and bloggers, who promote offshore investments and moving abroad. Many provide biased advice, that is influenced by advertising revenues, commissions, bonuses and kickbacks. Some are even outright scams.

Adexo was founded to provide honest and well-researched advice. We are only paid by our customers and don’t accept compensation from third parties. Our aim is to help you build a diversified portfolio of traditional and alternative investments, and only use offshore solutions that are well-established and fully compliant with relevant laws and regulations. We also consult individuals on the best way to move and live abroad. To governments and companies, we provide advice on how to launch attractive solutions targeting wealthy foreigners.

Our values

Adexo Consulting adheres to a strong set of values. There are four main pillars that guide our work:


Our work is based on thorough research and high analytical standards.

When carrying out an assignment we will not rest, until we have found a good solution for our customer


We only work for and get paid by our customers. Our activities and recommendations are never influenced by third-party payments.

We aim to give you the full picture by clearly pointing out the relevant risks and opportunities. Our suggestions are based on our honest assessment of what is best for you and we will express them openly, even if they are contrary to your own expectations

Human development

We aim to provide a very attractive work atmosphere based on team work, open communication, informality, trust, and respect.

Every employee is actively supported in her/his development and an open/controversial exchange of opinions in a constructive way transcending traditional hierarchical levels is strongly encouraged

Social responsibility

Even though companies exist to make money, they also carry social responsibility. Our work aims to provide benefits not only to our customers, but also to the local population.

We comply with laws and regulations, and don’t condone corruption or money laundering

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